Quartz Crystal Water Bottle - Clear Quartz

Crystal Preference: Clear Quartz

 16oz Glass Water Bottle with Clear Quartz Crystal Stone

Natural crystal inside the bottle, combined with water, produces an elixir that encourages rejuvenation and clarification of both body and mind.

  💠🐍 Clear quartz crystals are nature's amplifiers! Used to balance body energy and thoughts, it has a natural tendency for harmony and is a "stone of power".  This powerful stone attunes well to the heart chakra and connects well with the brow/third eye chakra.  Using clear quartz crystal activates the crown chakra, enabling a clear pathway for kundalini energy.

 These beautiful quartz crystals are 100% natural and FDA certified,  providing a high quality product to people for a better life.

Stainless Steel bottom and lid with tote wrist strap.

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