Koh-do, or incense ceremony is an important tradition in Japan. Learning to "listen" to incense, this ceremony is about being playful and enjoying the fragrance. 

● Shoyeido Fragrant Plum Kneaded Incense Blended in perfect proportions from premium raw aromatics, kneaded with honey and apricot, and finally allowed to mature for a length of time. Responsibly harvested, top quality incense from Japan.

White Ash (high quality) 1.4 oz's

Mica Plate - Thin sheets of mica, used in Japan for hundreds of years for the purpose of heating kneaded incense.

Shoyeido Type B High Quality Charcoal (24 pcs) - Easy to light and long lasting.

Fiesta Bowl for burning - Choose from Scarlet Red, White or Cobalt Blue

Wooden Happy Buddha Statue - from Bali

6" Stainless Steel Tongs 

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