Welcome baby with this gift basket, sure to soothe. 

annointment's Baby Skin Care Essentials Gift Set

Using only the finest ingredients from nature and certified organic agriculture. A baby changes everything – beautifully.

Gift Set Includes:

50 g Baby Balm

120 g Baby Calendula Soap

100 mL Baby Oil

Organic Cotton Soap Scrubbie

Peppa Organic Plush Doll 

Adorable European design, a PEPPA® doll is more than just a doll; it becomes a comforter, it becomes another character in baby’s life and above all it becomes baby’s best friend! 

These 2 PEPPA® dolls are made with organic materials. They are great to cuddle with and their knotted hands are perfect for baby to hold on to. Their heads filled with pure sheep’s wool, which is known to absorb scents easily (polyester does not transfer scents). The dolls will absorb comforting scents of home, of its parents, things that are familiar for baby. Wool is inherently anti-bacterial, so they are non-toxic and safe to chew on with no fluff to inhale. No parts or accents that may come loose.  

Choose from Tino (Rabbit) OR Pico (Chick)

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