Copper Bowl Resin Incense Gift Box


The scent of slowly simmering incense is both pleasant and therapeutic.  The copper bowl is the perfect instrument for resin burning and is easily cleaned after each use (instructions included).  No need for messy and often odorous charcoal. 

This gift box includes:

- Aroma Lamp Cast Iron with Copper Bowl - 3"H, 6"L

- Frankincense Resin Incense - ½ oz Pack

- Mystical Myrrh Resin Incense - ½ oz Pack

- Three Kings Resin Incense - ½ oz Pack

- Three Kings Balthasar Resin Incense - ½ oz Pack

- Big Dipper Pure Beeswax Tea Lights x 4 (made in the USA)

A natural renewable resource, beeswax is the purest and least processed of all candle waxes.  Long lasting and naturally aromatic, they burn clean and soot free, emitting air-purifying negative ions.

Each tea light burns for 5 hours.

- Sand

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