Nothing says relax better than a bath filled with the wonderful scent of essential oils and candlelight!

12oz Cobalt Blue Wine Goblet

● 375 ml Bottle of Wine

Relaxus Bamboo Bath Puff

● Earth's Choice Organic Blueberry Chocolate Bar - FairTrade

Big Dipper Wax Works Verdure Collection 

100% pure beeswax in a  1.7 oz tin decorated with beautiful a botanical watercolor design - burns bright for 12 hours!

   ~ Lavender + Frankincense  🔴  ☀️  💚  📘  🔮  💜

Fiveblueheron Aromatherapeutic Solar Bath Salts (x3)


If you could sail away on a white ship across the ocean from all of your cares and worries... Solar salt with the purest essential oils of:

● bergamot  💚

100 grams

● Dreamtime 

Blended to facilitate intuitive knowledge. Find answers in your dreams...  Solar salt with the purest essential oils of:

● vetiver, verbena, wormwood, valerian, jasmine  🔶  ☀️  💚  💜

100 grams

 Love Letters   

Solar salt with the purest essential oils of:

● patchouli, rose  🔴  🔶  💚  🔮  💜

100 grams

 Chakra Table:

🔴  Red - Root Chakra

🔶  Orange - Sacral Chakra 

☀️  Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra 

💚  Green/Pink - Heart Chakra

📘  Blue/Turquoise - Throat Chakra

🔮  Indigo - Brow Chakra/Third Eye

💜  Violet - Crown Chakra

***Special Note for Canadian and United States residents - Alcohol products cannot be shipped and are available only to customers within British Columbia's same day delivery regions. Purchases must be from customers 19 years of age or older ( proof of age may be required).  


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