A sweet gift of affection for someone you adore!

Garden-in-a-Bag - Cosmos (Cosmos suphereus) Cosmos, the greek word for harmony, have vibrant scarlet blooms.  An easy to grow dwarf variety whose bloom color will intensify as light increases.

Includes: seed, growing medium, coconut husks for drainage, directions. 

Alter Eco Organic Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar - 80 gram Fair Trade    Non-GMO            GF

● theo Organic Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Bar - 85 gram  GF    Vegan    Kosher         FairTrade

 Camino Organic Butterscotch & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar 100 gram Fair Trade         GF

Strawberry Hill's Hot Lips Lollipop (strawberry flavor) & Double Heart Lollipop (vanilla heart and strawberry center)

Panda Raspberry Licorice

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