Vintage Sid Dickens Memory Block - Our Lady & Beloved Son


Handmade in Vancouver, B.C., Sid Dickens memory blocks are made from a porcelain like plaster and hand painted often in combination with other decorative processes by local artisans making each block unique. The Our Lady & Beloved Son block is a bit of an enigma. I named the block simply because there is very little known about it. I was in contact with and with their permission this is the message that I received back from them:

"Hi Michele,
Thanks for the photo!
The block you have is a very old piece. It’s older than 20 years for sure and we don’t have any information on it unfortunately. It is a rare design and we are unsure how many were even made.
Sorry we don’t have more information but what a great find!"

Measures 6" x 8" x 1 1/2"

**Please note that you may notice slight differences in each memory block due to the handmade artistry.

***Signature will be required upon delivery.

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