The Sprout Color Pencil is the first plantable sustainable pencil in the world. The color pencil has been given its dual function by replacing the eraser with a special seed capsule. The Sprout Color Pencil is made of natural materials and the seeds inside the capsule contain high quality, non-gmo seeds. The capsule is water soluble, making the color pencil easy to plant after use. Delicious fresh herbs, crispy vegetables, or edible flowers, will then grow out of the pencil.

The Sprout Color Pencil Edition – Pack of 8

Includes the following Sprout varieties:

  • Basil (Green)
  • Sage (Purple)
  • Thyme (Pink)
  • Sunflower (Black)
  • Cilantro (Brown)
  • Forget Me Not (Blue)
  • Cherry Tomato (Red)
  • Calendula (Yellow)


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