Open up your heart chakra with our Think Pink basket and let this loving, calming hue surround you.  Choose from one of the 3 bath salt blends with essential oils that work well with the heart chakra.  Dry off with our soft organic cotton bath towel and then have a little fun applying a temporary tattoo - butterfly, the symbol of transformation and joy!

This basket contains the following:

Dream Design's Organic Cotton Bath Towel - made in Portugal  (28" x 51")

Big Dipper Waxworks Cherry Blossom Taper Beeswax Candles x 2

● 2 Pewter Paper Candle Holders

Tattly Temporary Tattoos' - Coral Butterflies (2 per pack)

Wild Woman Medicine Shows Aromatherapeutic Bath Treatment - Choose from:

Not Chocolate - essential oils of patchouli, ylang ylang and a pinch of aniseed with some rose petals

Beaujolaise - essential oils of sandalwood, cyprus, patchouli

Namaste - essential oils of balsam, tangerine, petitgrain, ho wood, myrtle, lavender, rosewood

● Color Energy's Pink Color Bath 

Great for people of all ages! Just pour into your bath or if you prefer a shower, just stop-up the drain, pour in the Color Bath and receive the benefits of the special qualities and influence of the color pink.


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