Vintage Monarch Wood and Metal Wringer Washer


I purchased this antique wringer washer from an auction. I have been researching it on line and it is quite the rabbit hole that I found myself in. I discovered that there are several different brands with the identical design/markings down the top sides (front and back) of the wringer. The markings are faint on some sections of the wooden frame. I used a piece of paper and a pencil to enhance the etchings a little. The name that appears to be the brand name is MONARCH (see photo). After more research, all that I could find with this brand name was a washboard made by Monarch (The Monarch Mfg. Co. - from Artefacts Canada website). There are a multitude of companies that used the Monarch name in Canada and the United States. As you can see from the pictures, the knob of the handle which was probably made of wood is no longer there. It looks as though some type of cloth was attached to make it gentler on the hands (?).

**Like all hand cranked wringer washer attachments, this item is very heavy and bulky which will reflect in the cost of the shipping. 

***If you live in B.C. lower mainland, there are certain municipalities that are eligible for free shipping or shipping with a delivery fee, dependent on where you are located.

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