Vintage 8 Piece Lazy Susan Serving Turntable


This vintage Lazy Susan turntable with it's 8 vivid green centerpieces is from the 1950's. The ceramic dishes were made in California with the stamp 275 S on the light green dishes and 275 B on the dark green center dish. From the information that I have gathered, many potters in the mid 1900's residing in California were using this stamp model, meaning that there is not a company that goes by that name in particular.

The turntable works perfectly and this set would be a wonderful item to serve any kind of snack when entertaining.

There is a pinhole on the outside rim of one dish (as pictured). Also there is what first felt like to me, a chip. I used my magnifying glass and it looks more like a defect from firing the glaze (?) (as pictured). They are both on the same piece and would not be in contact with the food as they are on the outside of the tray in question. There is a small chip on the one shaker and I replaced the cork in that one, as the original broke apart while I was washing them (as pictured). There is some cosmetic wear on the turntable, which would not be visible while serving (as pictured).

Lazy Susan - 12 1/2" diameter
Light Green Dish (x4) - 8 1/4" x 4"x 1 1/4"
Dark Green Bowl 5 1/2 diameter, 2" depth
Salt & Pepper 1 3/4" diameter, 2" depth

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