Vintage Authentic Cuban Hand Puppets Gift Set

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These vintage hand puppets from Cuba carry part of the original Cuba Hand Made sticker.

"The puppet is not only a formal creation, a theatre language, or an art object: it is also a figure which, in almost all cultures, has embodied questions on the origin of life and death, on the relation between the visible and the invisible, and the relation between the spirit and the matter."

Quote from - World Encyclopedia Puppetry Arts - Myth of the Puppet - A Western Perspective

"Love for the national and an interest to develop and strengthen a very ancient art evidence the seriousness with which the puppeteers considered their profession, imbuing their practical work with progressive ideas and with a sense of the future." 

Quote from - Rubén Darío Salazar - Cuban Puppeteers in the republic: ¿renovation or dream? 

This Vintage Hand Puppet Gift Set includes the following:

 Vintage Cuban Hand Puppets (2)

**There is some damage to the ear  and the hat on the puppet in blue and red (as pictured).

Brass and Glass Display Case with Opening Door and Carrying Handle (previously owned - in excellent condition) (measures 9 1/2" x 6" x 14")

Cuba Libre Cocktail Bar Sign - Metal (measures 12" x 8")

Cuba Flag Mini - Visible on both sides. (measures 6" x 4")

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